August 27, 2015

Our Services and Events


Sale Spiritualist Church - CandlesAt Sale Spiritualist Church we consider healing to be our number one priority, every Monday we have up to one hour of time allocated for anybody who feels the need to attend and relax in the beautiful calming energies after our church services.

We know from experience and feedback given by our congregation that all spiritual healing channeled by Andy Irlam is of great comfort to all. There are many people who travel great distances and return on a regular basis simply because they enjoy the healing at Sale Spiritualist Church so much.

Brian is also attuned to the Reiki methods of hands on natural healing and has been practicing this for some years. We also understand that discussion, and being with like minded people is important, we always makes sure that everyone who attends can sit and have a chat with refreshments provided after our church services. We have a wealth of knowledge regarding spirituality within our team at Sale Spiritualist Church and we are always happy to answer any questions to give our visitors peace of mind.

Monday Service (Healing Service)

Our Monday church service is our healing service, this is where members of our congregation have an opportunity to place the names of anyone they know of who may be suffering at the moment in our healing book, and during our healing minutes prior to our church service the names are read out and healing thoughts are sent out to all.

There is a beautiful calming and relaxing healing vibration in the room throughout the service on Mondays and spiritual healing is available afterwards.

Friday Service

Our Friday service is our evening of clairvoyance which has a lovely uplifting feeling throughout the service, there is fun, love, light and laughter for all to enjoy.

Our Friday service is followed by an open circle, this is where members of our congregation have an opportunity to share any messages or thoughts that they may have received during the demonstration of mediumship.

This is a chance for advancing mediums to practice and gain in confidence, there is always plenty of time after services to stay and have a chat with refreshments provided.

Workshops, specials and days of 1 to 1 sittings

Our events are facilitated periodically, for further information on our services please visit the events on the right of this page, the homepage or on our FaceBook page