August 21, 2015

About Us

Our History

Sale Spiritualist Church was formed in December 2012 by Brian Todd, he was joined shortly afterwards by Andy Irlam.

Within 24hrs of Brian having the inspiration to open a church in his home town, the premises for the church were found, and the first church service was scheduled for the following week. Which no less than 49 people attended.

Brian and Andy were no strangers to each other as they had previously worked together in the construction industry some 20 years before. Brian is a natural Medium and clairvoyant and Andy has been practising Spiritual Healing for over 15 years, just what was needed for the initial church setup.

Our Church

Sale Spiritualist Church is situated close to the town centre making it easy for people to arrive by bus, metro or on foot, there is also ample parking for cars.

We have over 75 different guest mediums visiting our church each year from in and around the North West of England. So far our guest mediums and congregation have only given positive feedback with regards to the beautiful energies within our church. We will endeavour to continue building up the energies for many years to come.

We feel we have achieved a great deal in our first few years at Sale Spiritualist Church, there have been 15 eight hour workshops, mind, body and spirit events as well as a meditation and awareness class which has run weekly for over two years in addition to our weekly church services held on Monday and Friday evenings, which include healing and open circles.

Our Intentions

Brian’s intention from day one was to create a church of opportunity for advancing mediums, which has lead to no less than eight of todays working mediums conducting their first demonstration at Sale Spiritualist Church.

As we approach the end of our 5th year as a spiritualist church we would firstly like to thank all those who have attended over the years, and secondly reassure you that our doors will be open for many years to come. We will continue to provide you demonstrations of mediumship, spiritual healing and a sanctuary for you to relax in, where you will join like minded people.